1What’s the difference between the Wedding Films and the others? And what are their purposes?
Wedding Films are highlights of your special day, creatively cut with our signature blend of documentary storytelling. The films are about 4 to 6 minutes long, concise enough to be shared with family friends online.

Solemnization and Event Films document your wedding in its entirety. Watch your ceremony, performances and speeches in real time and the most important parts of the day as they happened. They are perfect to watch over a cosy Sunday and a go-to movie to play when friends and relatives are over.

Typically, Solemnization documents your solemnization from preparations to its joyful ending. Event Films captures everything after that. They are are about 30 mins and an hour long respectively.

2Do you offer same day edit (SDEs) packages?
Yes we do! Please see our offerings here.
3What are your packages and pricings?
Please find our comprehensive packages here
4What are the payment terms?
We will require a 30% deposit to reserve the date and execute the agreement. 60% is due on the actual day. The remainder 10% is due on the delivery date.
5When will we receive the films?
Depending on season, typically 3 to 6 months after the wedding day. Same day edits are delivered on the actual day itself.
6Will we receive the raw video files?
The raw files are available on request. You would need to provide us with a portable hard drive with a minimum space of 250gb. Alternatively we would upload them to a private cloud server and provide a download link. Due to space constraints, we will keep the files up to a month after the films’ delivery date.
7Shut up and take my money!
Ready to sign up? Contact us and let us know your wedding date so that we can confirm our availability. If you’ve already done so, please sign up here.